User-driven, decentralized and transparent advertising service on Ethereum blockchain. Users are instantly paid per every ad view.



AdEther is decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange built on top of Ethereum smart contracts. It creates a beneficial marketplace for publishers, advertisers and users.

The AdEther Token is the new token for the blockchain-based advertising industry. It connects advertisers, publishers and users, creating a new, efficient decentralized ad exchange.


General questions
AdEther is an user-driven advertising service on Ethereum technology. It provides a simple way for user to earn money by viewing ads and for advertiser and publisher to provide new distributed marketing channel.
The AdEther platform is where advertiser, publisher and user meet. In short, user visits a publisher's website to view an advertiser created ad and receive cryptocurrencies.
Yes, at the end of its development stage, AdEther will be releasing the software under an open source software license.
The alpha version was launched in August 2017.
AdEther Token & ICO
AdEthers current settlement currency is in ETH, although we will migrate to AdEther Token micropayments in the near future.
It will be announced later.
Tokens will be distributed among the crowdfunding campaign backers. You may use any Ethereum client you prefer (Geth, Parity, Mist), or MyEtherWallet to send Ether to the contract address that is to be announced on the day the campaign is launched.
12000000 (12M) AdEther Tokens will be issued in the Token Sale via a Dutch auction.
The uniform price Dutch auction is set up to discover a fair price for a fixed amount of AdEther tokens. It starts with a very high price which continuously declines with every block over time, based on a predefined formula. After the auction is started, participants can send in ETH to bid. The auction ends once the price multiplied with the number of offered tokens equals the total ETH amount sent to the auction. All participants receive their tokens at the same final price. The main goals of the auction are to enable everyone to participate while offering certainty about the maximum total value of all tokens at the time of the bid. The auction should run for multiple days, before it ends which should ensure, that no one needs to rush in order to participate. Further, when participating, a bidder knows the maximum price he or she is going to pay for tokens as well as the max value of all tokens.
AdEther Token is an ERC20 token, and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or Mist.
Unfortunately, we do not work with citizens of the United States and Singapore. In accordance with our policies, regulations and conditions, citizens of these countries cannot take part in the crowdfunding program.